Vibrators To Go

There is an increasing number of women who would want to try out vibrators as an alternative to watching porn, fingering themselves, and other things like that. But the problem is, you do not want to be spotted in public carrying a vibrator with you. So what is the best way to get past this?

By buying a vibrator to go.

Because vibrators are becoming so common, you will not find it hard to buy a vibrator anywhere. Most convenient stores even sell this beside condoms and lubes. Sometimes, it is even packed with lubes. So really there is no problem in buying your sex toy whenever you need it. It is really a toy that you can buy anywhere as well.

So what is the other catch? The quality might be a problem with these toys to go. Because they come in cheaper prices, you might not be able to use it over and over again. You will definitely have to get something that will last you a long time, if you are planning on making your vibe a best friend. But if you are planning on using the vibe to spice up your night with someone, then you can definitely use the cheap ones available almost everywhere.

You might also have to buy separate batteries. The vibe is usually demanding AAA batteries to power it up, while some already have batteries enough to last you a couple of hours. If you bought something from the convenience store then it might probably just last for a couple of hours to a week. So it really lives up to its purpose only.

There are also vibes to go that are a little bit expensive. You can buy those at sex toy shops, but they can be a little more expensive. But you can really get the best quality here, aside from getting to choose between different colors, shapes, and sizes. Because vibes are just small instruments to tingle your clit, the size is not a problem. You can just pop it inside a drawstring pouch and you can forget about anyone else seeing it.

If you are a first timer, then you probably have to buy a vibe that measures and looks just like a pill. This is what most women would prefer, aside from dildos. They come in such small sizes that you will definitely feel like it is just you playing around with yourself. What is more is that it will not mess around with you fingering yourself.

For the woman who wants more pleasure for herself, you can just leave the vibrator inside your panty and go anywhere you want. If you bought the small ones then it will not be noticeable under your skirt. Most good quality vibes also are not too noisy. It will be perfectly undetectable inside your panty. It will really live up to your expectations.

Remember that after you use your vibe, you have to sanitize it with soap and water. That is, if it is waterproof. If it is not, then buy the cleaners that most sex toy shops have.

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